Category: Design Inspiration

Construction Paper is the Key

A big chunk of our work revolves around food: food brands, logos, packaging, eating food. We illustrated more sweet potatoes than the average person. Certainly more sweet potatoes than WE ever expected to illustrate. (And don’t get us started on horseradish!) We constantly ask ourselves, “ok, what art style helps to push the whole concept […]

An Ode to Bon Appétit

At Seedhouse, we are constantly asking ourselves, “what emotional tie do we want to make with this  logo/package/etc?”. Creating that connection with the audience is SO MUCH more powerful than a functional or literal play. Instead of “Oh great, it’s yet another pasta recipe”, I get hyped about the old school Italian restaurants in Jersey.

Design to Grow

Writing a blog post about ending my full-time status here at Seedhouse is not an easy task. There’s SO much that it’s difficult to put into a nice succinct post. My nearly four years is a constant accumulation of experience, thoughts, victories, and frustrations. If I have to distill it down to one word, it would be growth, both personally and as a designer. And also, importantly, Seedhouse’s growth too.

Design & Video Games

Design reflects its culture. Whether we’re talking about tomato sauce labels or computer packaging, the best design work is an echo of its particular moment in time. Apart from its original commercial and persuasive goals, every piece we create at Seedhouse is destined to become an artifact rooted in its own era. There is no […]