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Naming – Our Philosophy & Process

What’s in a name? Naming your company can feel like naming a baby! It’s a tough task. Therefore, the process can become fraught quickly. Naming is not easy, but we at Seedhouse aim to bring strategic objectivity to the process by establishing parameters and business goals up front.   Our philosophy on naming: Shorter is always better. […]

How to get the most out of your Packaging Design

The best packaging designs stop a consumer in their tracks. Once you’ve got them stopped, it’s time to connect with them. A package has to be able to get into the consumer’s hand with the face panel bull’s eye. To get into their cart, the experience of the rest of the packaging elements has to surprise and delight. You’ve got 3-4 seconds to make an impression. Here’s how.

Design Coming to Life

Executed properly, a good logo allows for broad application and helps start a conversation. Because of this, we start every branding project by clearly defining the brand to help ensure that what we design is aligned to strategy, works to telegraph the right meaning and helps to spark an emotional connection or interest. (When developing a new logo, never review it simply on a white piece of paper or just on a white screen, as that’s not how they actually live or are viewed by others).  

In Search Of: A Design Unicorn (We’re Hiring)

Prerequisites: 4-6 yrs in CPG and/or identity design, ability to sketch, a solid understanding of print production, Adobe Creative Suite fluency (specifically AI, PS, & ID), organized, have empathy, flexible working style, healthy knowledge of design trends, touch of cleverness, a very strong work ethic and already live in the Chicagoland area (no relo). And because we pride ourselves on a very low attrition rate, this position is contract to full-time for the first 3mos, as we want to ensure proper fit.

How to Write a Brand Story – Part 2

In order to demonstrate the alchemy that is turning a brand strategy into a brand story, I have constructed a mini-case study. Our gracious and awesome clients at Westminster Bakers Co. have agreed to pull back the curtain on the work we did for them a few years ago.