A brand name is a strong element of overall brand expression. We have over 20 years of naming experience and would love to help you name your company or product.

Brand Identity and logo design

Brand Identity &
Logo Design

It all starts with sound design thinking.  Through a deep dive and lots of questions, we try to boil the brand down to an essence.  This essence drives the creative exploration.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

You only have 3-4 seconds to capture someone’s attention on shelf.  A compelling and differentiated package can help you get into someone’s hand and eventually their cart.



As a Chicago branding agency, we’re an enterprising bunch of design geeks who believe strongly in design thinking and branding. Brands are at their best when consumers connect to them on an emotional level. Brand identity and packaging design is a strategic tool that starts the emotional connection. Our small team has worked together on big brands in Chicago for over 15 years. Read More