Seedhouse in Seattle

Maybe it was an advance scouting effort or just an extended field trip punctuated by market immersions, store audits, cultural anthropology & serious fun. This work is play, and Seedhouse dipped our toes in the Emerald City—Seattle.

Yes, we worked… and bounced around Orcas Island, Kirkland and Seattle seeing old friends & meeting new ones. We sponged up a lot of beautiful nature, rode the light rail, ferries, tooled around in an EV & explored that scene, walked different markets, got lost in a couple bookstores and indulged in some seriously good food. Our takeaway; the PNW rocks.

This is the magic of travel, and experiencing a special part of the country together as a group.

Nobody wants to read

We always advocate for less copy on a package because busy consumers are tired in-store and unlikely to stop & read a package. Want to know what really makes a package sing on shelf? Go to a grocery store where you can’t read anything (yet!). Then you’ll really start noticing how quickly certain colors, photography, illustrations etc. can grab eyes.

City Style vs Island Life—typography edition

Likewise, meander down any street in a new city and you’ll be drawn to the wide variety of store signage, murals and menus teeming with typography inspiration—which contrasted beautifully with the different styles found outside of the city on Orcas Island. Inspiration for a future project exists in everything from wooden signs to buoys.

& Balance is Key

There’s a certain kind of magic that a wandering mind can accomplish. After all, new perspectives are gained when visiting spaces far removed from your routine. We found ours in Seattle’s beautiful gardens, mountains, bookstores, tucked away cocktail bars, and ocean waters.

Finally, to read about other Seedhouse field trips, check out this blog.

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