CannaWerks Brand Identity & Packaging Design Case Study


Client: CannaWerks
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Innovation in Cannabis

CannaWerks innovated consistently-dosed and individually-sealed THC gummies. With cannabis gummies in the current market, the high or experience varies wildly from one gummy to another – even within the same package. CannaWerks stepped up to the challenge with new manufacturing and packaging solutions, but also needed a brand to telegraph the uniqueness of the offering.

Audit, Immersion & Client Strategy Workshop

To help the brand realize its goals of becoming an industry leader, we started with a category audit, market immersion, and understanding customer needs. We led the client through a brand definition workshop resulting in the personality and several possible creative directions. We also looked at how brands in other categories were using the designated packaging structure – the tube.

Cannawerks Initial Creative Directions

Initial Creative Exploration

After understanding the competitive set and the brand’s unique selling proposition, we investigated five different creative directions in mood boards. Discussing them with the client, we narrowed the five down to three and then took those mood boards into logos and packaging designs.

CannaWerks Creative Exploration


In the chosen concept, we brought the gradient in to better sell the unique CannaWerks’ flavor combinations. Then we extended the design to all panels. Once print-ready files were sent off to the printer, we stayed in touch with the print vendor making sure that the design came to life as designed. We extended the brand to gift or display boxes as well, thinking through how the packaging and brand extend to other brand marketing pieces.

CannaWerks Packaging Design Refinements

Website & Messaging

After the CannaWerks packaging design had been finalized and files prepped for print production, we focused our attention on building out other brand touchpoints, including the website and messaging platform. We crafted 4 major brand themes with supporting body copy – all prioritized. Then, we art directed the packaging and flavor photoshoot, including the food styling. We are thrilled with how it all came together. 
CannaWerks website home page
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