Better Late Than Never — Seedhouse News Q4, 2022

Q4’22 was a blur

Between the frenzy of wrapping paper & family visits, we found ourselves elbow deep in press checks, photo shoots, consumer testing and writing copy & developing messaging platforms.

We do it all here – brand identity, consumer packaged goods (new, refreshes, line extensions, etc..), messaging, naming, photo shoots, press checks, consumer testing, creative direction, etc..

Here’s a belated look back at the Holiday streak of ’22 and the latest Seedhouse news. 🎁

The work we do 👻

Seedhouse News - Holiday presents, New Skull Purchase, Cookie Baking

We spread holiday cheer

Delicious food was made. Presents were wrapped and unwrapped. Walks through the woods were taken. Skulls were acquired. All helped us recharge for the New Year.

Jackson's Sweet Potato Chips Press Check - Seedhouse News

Press checks aplenty

Getting designs to come to life on press is an art in and of itself. We love to be a part of the process to ensure that everything coming off the press matches how we designed it on the computer.

Krissy adjusting fruit on photo shoot - Jackson's Sweet Potato Chips Press Check - Seedhouse News

Photo shoots galore

Getting the right angle to make sure a snack looks crispy but won’t hurt your mouth – AND has enough seasoning on it to be representative of what’s in the bag, but also looks tasty, that’s the challenge of photoshoots. We are sometimes knee deep in different bowl and condiment options, but it’s all to get the right shot for the packaging or website.

Flavor so intense you'll think you've been hit in the face by a fruit truck going 50 - Seedhouse News

Massaging Messaging

Being able to flush out the brand beyond logos, packaging and websites into messaging has brought us a bunch of joy. We’ve been developing key themes and supporting copy for the prioritized key talking points.

Go Brewing Water Cans & Tap Handles - Seedhouse News

Go Brewing Water & Tap Handles

It’s been a delight to extend the Go Brewing branding into canned water to give out at a local Turkey Trot. We also got to develop the tap handles in their brewery – developed with the good folks at Steel City Tap Co.

Seedhouse turns 13 - Seedhouse News

Seedhouse turns 13!

Happy Birthday to us. Yes, we’re planning on rocking a mohawk or making a TikTok or whatever 13 year olds are doing these days. To see all we accomplished in 2022, read about our Year in Review.

SH Hex Sign - Seedhouse News

Recent Testimonials

“Love working with you and your Seedhouse Team.”
– EVP Sales & Marketing, new Food Co.

“The photoshoot was a smashing success, Krissy and Ash were amazing!” — Founder/CEO, Cannabis Co.

“Omigod, these (designs) are great.”
– Founder, Hospitality Co.

“THIS LOOKS F*&%ING AWESOME. Seriously you all are incredible. I am SO excited. WOOHOOOO.”
– Founder, CEO new food Co.

“You guys are the greatest!”
– Marketing Director, Snack Co.

Seedhouse logo

Design is a motor, let it take you far✌🏼
From Team Seedhouse

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