Va Va Vroom — Seedhouse News Q3, 2022

Change is upon us

and here in Chicago, the Fall colors never last long enough and so we stay out ‘photo-synthesizing’ in the warm rays of sunshine before the clocks change (this weekend!). Anyway, while we adjust to flannel shirts, smoking meats, cozy quilts and more robust beverages, here’s what the latest Seedhouse news.

The work we do 🤠

Artisan Kitchens Packaging - Seedhouse News

Artisan Kitchens
Packaging — Expo East Debut

Cue the trumpets, here comes your new favorite breakfast item; a-mazing frozen omelets & egg bites/cups. For all of us time-stressed, racing-out-the-door fools keep an eye out for these treats in local grocery stores, Costco and Walmart.

[image credit: Artisan Kitchens]

Case 1 Vodka - Seedhouse News

Old Line Spirits

Well, well, well — longtime client, Old Line Spirits asked for some help with a new Vodka design. Next time you’re in Maryland and find yourself in a bar, you’d be well served with this premium Vodka.

[image credit: Old Line Spirits]

Go Brewing - Seedhouse News

Go Brewing — Grand Opening
Branding & Packaging

After a lot of hard work, the Go Brewing Taproom is now open in Naperville, IL. Featuring on tap no / low alcoholic craft beers, rotating live events and a killer vibe, Go Brewing proves that you don’t need a buzz to party. Cheers to that 🍻

[image credit: Go Brewing]

Upstream Logo - Seedhouse News

Brand Identity

Better, stronger, faster — B2B brand identity work with Upstream, a broadband service provider based on the industry’s first ever cloud-based smart network.

Read our mini case study on the blog here.

Bryan Fishing - Seedhouse NewsGone Fishin’

Speaking of streams, here’s Bryan ‘photosynthesizing’ out in the wild with this giant king salmon.

Seedhouse Inspiration Board - News

SDHS Inspiration Board
Ready, set, re-set.

If you’ve ever been to our office, you know the big green idea board. It’s covered with random pieces of inspiration.  Every year, we do a reset, document the board, and make space for new bits and bobs.

Read about our past inspiration boards here. Five Elements Home Paper Tiger

Voraciously Curious
A Seedhouse Field Trip

We’re forever curious, students of design and always on the hunt for new ‘white space’. Want to see where we went & what we saw recently? Check out the blog post.

Krissy's Quilt - Seedhouse NewsPut a Square on It

As we transition to Fall, it’s only fitting that we show off some of Krissy’s incredible quilting work! See more of Krissy’s quilting adventures and check out her patches here.

Illustration - Seedhouse News

Recent Testimonials

“You guys really nailed it, and everything looked super professional”
-CEO, Food Co.
“I am now an advocate for your agency… you and your sister have built something awesome”
-V.P. Fintech Co

Design is a motor, let it take you far✌🏼
From Team Seedhouse

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