Here Come the Smiles — Seedhouse News Winter ’21-22

A big thank you to all of our clients, friends and Seedhouse fam.

The world has changed about ten times since our last newsletter! Sometimes, when everything feels hard, we look around the office (we’re back!) and see all of the great things we get to make and the world feels a little bit brighter.

Take a peek at what we’ve been working on, and know we’re excited to keep brightening the world with you all as we move forward.

The work we do 😀

Jackson’s Chips Branding & Packaging Redesign

Super wow. What started as homemade chips made in a family kitchen for a son battling an auto-immune disorder turned into deliciously phenom snacks that became a Shark Tank success, and continues to grow today.

& Jackson’s in Pop Up Grocer! High-Five!

Pop-Up Grocer is the destination to discover new grocery items featuring the most innovative and exciting CPG brands today.

Last summer the team visited Pop Up Grocer in Chicago, IL. This February, we got to high five in delight that Jackson’s Sweet Potato Chips was included in the Miami location!

[image credit: Pop-Up Grocer]

Fixie  Branding & Packaging Design

Small bottle, big effect. Fixie is a super fruity 100mg THC beverage shot soon to be available in California. Discrete in size, but not in fun to get you faded fast. Bold branding & packaging speaks to the experience and helps the brand pop on dispensary shelves.

[image credit: Fixie]

LightWing High Teas Branding & Packaging Design

Coming soon to dispensaries in CA, LightWing is a flavor forward cannabis-infused sparkling tea. We crafted a brand & packaging design system that features big fruit taste as the hero with playful typography & illustrations to hint at a sippable good time.

Lil’Gourmets Packaging Design Refresh

Taste the world, baby! Lil’G is a line of chef-crafted, globally inspired veggie-first baby & toddler meals. We updated the packaging by adjusting messaging, hierarchy, colors & illustrations to help make for a brand that really sings on grocery shelves.

Elmhurst Hall Grand Opening High-Fives, again!

All roads lead to Elmhurst — Introducing the premier space + stage of Chicago’s western suburbs, Elmhurst Hall. We can’t wait to get out for a show! (Make sure to grab a drink at EverOnward, and soon, make a rezy for ‘curious bites from the modern midwest’ at Kindred).

[image credit: Elmhurst Hall]

Wild Fork Delivered Brand Refresh, DTC Home Delivery, In-Store Experience, Prototype Store Design

Wild Fork, a subsidiary of JBS Foods, is a new omnichannel retail concept transforming the way consumers shop frozen foods. Straight from farm to fork, they offer the largest selection of the highest quality proteins at the most affordable prices. Stores opening across the nation now!

[image credit: Wild Fork Foods]

Last February we also celebrated our 12th birthday! (or 13th, if you’re going by East Asian age reckoning) Let’s call it lucky 13.


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April showers bring May flowers. Longer days & more greenery are almost here. Time for some forest bathing. From Team Seedhouse

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