Packaging Design

The best packaging designs capture a brand’s essence and stop a customer in their tracks. The team at Seedhouse is made up of packaging design experts from the US and Russia. Our focus is mostly consumer package goods.


Our packaging design philosophy:

  • Packaging should do much more than protect the contents.
  • A well-designed package can create an emotional response in a customer.
  • It should help the brand stand out from the competition.
  • Color and information hierarchy are crucial elements to a good design.
  • Information hierarchy should be based on how the consumer shops.
  • Packaging design can be smart, sustainable and interactive.
  • Special attention should be paid to the unboxing process – as that is part of the brand story.
  • A package has to be able to get into the consumer’s hand with the face panel and into their cart through the experience of the rest of the packaging elements.


Seedhouse has over 50 years of packaging design experience. We have worked with brands such as HealthSmart, Lucy’s, Westminster Bakers Co., Old Line Spirits, Railhead, ConAgra, Quaker, Bausch & Lomb and many others.


Seedhouse is capable of taking your packaging project from immersion and market research through initial concepts, all the way to final production files and press checks.


Want to talk about your package design challenge?