Summer of Thanks — Seedhouse News Q2, 2023

Growing Green

Seedhouse News – Q2 2023 – We made it through the rainy spring and got our gardens planted. Things are growing like crazy outside and at Seedhouse. We’ve been busy and in an attitude of gratitude.

Here’s what we’ve been up to 🪴

Collective Action

Member Announcement

To help offset the fact that we make beautiful trash, last April we made an investment in ethical business & the future of our planet by joining 1% for the Planet. To do good, you have to actually do something so we now give 1% of all sales to environmental causes. High impact, low lift. All together for the planet.

Dominion Hemp Rebrand

Making a World of Difference

Dominion Hemp

What if someone radically improved the way we treat animals, the planet and ourselves? What if there were a natural material that significantly outperformed conventional options? It’d be a no brainer, right? Meet Dominion Hemp, a ‘Grade A Premium’ animal bedding that’s debuting at Mid-States Rendezvous. Hemp works, hard!

Bite Me

Snack Attack Hard-Boiled Eggs

Branding, Naming, Packaging

Ready for an ambush of awesomeness? Snack Attack is the complete protein to combat your hunger. Best for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking anytime. We helped MeadowCreek Foods with their first branded offering & to think beyond just a single day-part & tap the largest usage occasion, snacking!

Fetch Your Friends

Midnight Ferry
Branding, Design Extension, Truck Wrap Design

Our favorite Hudson Valley ice cream co. expanded and we helped design a trailer wrap for their new location on the Walkway over the Hudson. It’s looking so spiffy on these hot days. We were also feeling the float after helping them with some extra signage at their original location. Happy One Year Anniversary, Midnight Ferry!

Nom Nom Nom

Sweets & Snacks Expo Innovation Winner
Branding, Packaging, Line Extensions

In May, we walked the Sweets & Snacks Expo & were stoked to learn that our client, Jackson’s won the Most Innovative New Product Award Winner in the Small Business Innovator category! Their new Farmhouse Ranch Sweet Potato chips took the gold!! (And lookout for their newest flavor, Habanero Nacho)!

We also helped turbo charge velocities with a redesigned Costco package!  (Power of packaging!)

What “The Seeds” Have Been Getting Into Out of Work

We’ve been jumping in Lake Michigan in the very early morning with 2,000 of our fellow Chicagoans. Taking Ikebana classes. Wiffle Ball tournaments. Concerts. Trips to Seattle, Alaska & Colorado. Sailing. Lots of fun summer activities.

P.S. (Planning Season)

If you’re budgeting for 2024, think of design as a business tool; it can provide strategic advantage, widen a competitive moat and rally constituents. Use design to grow.

Recent Testimonials

√ “Nice work – I love seeing stuff in the hands of a pro 😊”—CEO Candy Co

√ ‘The Seedhouse team “are absolute branding pros…”.—CEO & past client referring us to a prospective, now new client.

√ “We interviewed over 30 design firms across the country and maybe 5 really understood the actual dynamics of retail.”  –Corporate Consultant & Prospective client on Seedhouse making the short list!

Seedhouse logo

Proudly still robot-free 🤖
From Team Seedhouse

Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for peeks into our day to day, design tidbits, & visual inspiration. Thanks for reading the Seedhouse News – Q2 2023. If you are looking for past Seedhouse news, check this out.

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