Summer Glow Up — Seedhouse News Q2, 2022

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy…
(Non-Alcoholic) Beer, Pizza, Rum, Ice Cream and more—every day in the shop has great cook-out energy and we’re here for it.

The work we do 🤠

Go Brewing
Branding & Packaging Design

We love beer but also love being present for all the awesomeness of life, so we were stoked to work with Go Brewing on their brand and package design for their no/low alcohol beers—available later this year.

[image credit: Go Brewing]

Lou Malnati's Pizza

Lou Malnati’s Pizza
Brand Guidelines

Pizza! As Chicagoans, we’ve eaten Lou Malnati’s pizza since we were kids. It’s not often that you get to work on a legacy brand like this, so we were honored to write and design the Lou Malnati’s Brand Guidelines.

[image credit: Lou Malnati's]

Old Line Spirits: Case 1 Rum

Case 1 Rum
Branding & Packaging

Old Line Spirit’s Rum, now known as Case 1, takes its name from a naval aviation term for the ideal daytime flying conditions while out at sea. Aged 7-11 years in bourbon barrels in the tropics, a single rich sip pulls you into a moment of sunshine regardless of the weather.

[image credit: Old Line Spirits]

Midnight Ferry Ice Cream Branding

Midnight Ferry
Strategy, Copywriting, Branding & Signage

Nestled on the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY, is one awesome new ice cream shop. Excited to work with our friends and owners, Philippe and Ellen, we developed the brand strategy, logo and secondary brand assets. If you’re in the Hudson River area, stop by their walk-up window for a sweet treat and feel the float.

Brand Strategy & Logo Refresh

You know them for their iconic safety can, but they do so much more—they have been protecting workers, workplaces and the environment with a broad range of industrial and environmental safety products since 1894. We had the honor of updating this respected, legacy brand.

Read our mini case study on the redesign here.

Wild Fork Temperapack Climacell Lining

Wild Fork
Packaging Design

Wild Fork is cooking up sustainable packaging in their new insulated shipping box. They have kicked styrofoam to the curb and we were excited to help. Of course, if you are still using styrofoam, here’s a handy resource to use to find a local recycling facility.

[image credit: Wild Fork]

Kindred Restaurant

Head West for a new culinary delight! Kindred is a new, seasonal, open-fire restaurant that brings the diversity of flavors from the midwest to the table. Join a former Michelin-starred chef and light some smiles.

[image credit: Kindred Restaurant]

Sweets & Snacks Expo

Seedhouse at Sweets & Snacks Expo – the largest confectionery, sweets & snacks trade event in North America where we saw & tasted some of the most innovative new products coming to market. Here we bond w/ a nerd.

Recent Testimonials

“The Board of Directors was very impressed with the work that you have done.”
-Marketing Chair, Country Club (In Response to a Seedhouse brand audit & competitive review)
“Seedhouse is my favorite group to work with”
John Ferrante, photographer

Live big, taste life, smile more ✌🏼
From Team Seedhouse

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