Apple Watch or iWatch – Tomato or Tom-ah-to

Like many of you out there, I was intrigued by what Apple was going to announce today.  They have quite the flair for the dramatic and know how to set up a press release with the best of them.  While the new bigger iPhone 6 and 6+ are cool – so is the Apple Watch – what I was really left with is the power that Apple has had and continues to have on our language.  Being a namer – and a theatre director – I’m fascinated by how corporations change the way we speak just as Shakespeare did.  Coining words is no longer the purview of poets; it’s the domain of the corporations.

Take, for instance, the nouning of “wearable”.  Last time, I checked we used to call “wearables” such things as “clothes” and “jewelry”.  Or “digital touch”.  Is this suppose to make us feel more connected to our technology?  “Digital crown”, “Force press”, “taptic”, “hardened gold”, “Hands-On Pavilion”, “PHABLET” are just a few of the words being sold to us today.
 Now, how much is that Apple Watch?
– Krissy

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