CPG & Package Design For Challenger Brands

The best packaging designs capture a brand’s essence and stop a customer in their tracks—That’s how we get your product moving.


Package Designs that Work

Good packaging design helps elicit an emotional response and stand out from the competition. Your package should get into the consumer’s hand with the face panel, and their shopping carts through the experience of the rest of the package’s design elements.

We believe that packaging should do so much more than just protect the contents

Over 50 Years of CPG & Packaging Design Experience

With over 50 years of combined experience working on CPG, from small challenger brands to larger corporate entities, we’ve got the experience and skillset to get your product moving. 


Our Packaging Design Services:

Package Design

Packaging redesign / Refresh
Line Extension


Package Innovation
Substrate Innovation
Structural innovation
Market Research / Audit
Product Renders
Keyline / Print Production

From Creative Packaging Innovation to Full Production

Seedhouse is capable of taking your packaging project from immersion and market research through initial concepts, all the way to final production files and press checks.

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