Westminster Foods

Embracing history for tomorrow.

Growing beyond heritage

Westminster Foods owns four food brands known for their regional appeal, natural ingredients, and heritage-earned audiences. Each brand in the portfolio (Westminster Bakers Co., Lucy’s Gluten-Free Cookies, Gold’s Pure Foods, and Fox’s Syrups) has its own colorful history and craft tradition, which are even more meaningful in today’s artisan-minded marketplace.

Our packaging and identity designs manage to elevate each of the individual brands while still preserving their regional devotion and history. The set of evolutionary designs also provide new opportunities for the brands to grow beyond their original geographic strongholds, resonating across generations. Brands with such large SKU counts require thoughtful designs that do more than stand out on crowded shelves. For Westminster Foods, we built a series of elaborate, rigorous design systems that account for a variety of shapes and formats, while still maintaining the overarching brand equity.

Value creation: like so many of our projects, this started as a simple brand & packaging redesign to just 4 SKUs, but later grew into updating 4 different brands and approx 900 packages. It demonstrates the value we bring to brand owners; sound thinking, good resources and compelling packaging design. 


Client: Westminster Foods (Westminster Bakers Co., Lucy’s Gluten-Free Cookies, Gold’s Pure Foods, Fox’s U-Bet and Syrups)
Delivered: Logo designs, packaging redesign, packaging system, line extensions, supplemental marketing materials.

Redesign with respect.