Naming is not an easy task, but we aim to bring strategic objectivity to the process by establishing parameters and business goals up front.


Our philosophy on naming:

  • Shorter is always better.
  • A company or brand name must be both sticky and memorable.
  • A strong name can help differentiate a brand from its competition.
  • A brand name should be the start of a story you are telling customers, and that story will help create an emotional connection to the brand.
  • It must be ownable – both as a trademark and a URL.

While functional names tell a customer what you sell or offer, an evocative name is easier to own while still crafting a compelling story.

Seedhouse has more than 40 combined years of naming experience. We have named companies and products for clients such as Solo Cup Co., Quaker, Smead Manufacturing, StratusVue, Swift Passport, YMCA of the USA, and many others.

We can also help you with tagline development, nomenclature studies, packaging copy or other content development.

Two Week Process

A typical naming process takes us about two weeks. Read more about our full branding process.


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