Brand Identity & Logo Design

To create a compelling brand, Seedhouse has a process that defines, differentiates and expresses your values, mission and essence.


Our brand identity & logo design philosophy:

  • A Brand Identity grows from a clear and differentiated brand essence or big idea.
  • We have to know who we are talking to – who are your customers.
  • It is crucial to know what other brands look like so that you can be different.
  • The brand has to be authentic to the company.
  • A logo is a visual distillation of the company that can compel customers to connect to the company’s core values..

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your logo can and should work hard to tell a story and connect with your desired customer.

Our team at Seedhouse collectively has over 50 years of brand identity and logo design experience for such brands as Solixir, Railhead, Westminster Bakers, Patronato Pro Ninos and many others.


Our typical brand identity and logo development process takes about 6-8 weeks. We can do it faster or slower depending on your needs.

Read more about our process for branding identity projects here.

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