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Building Brandmarks and Brand Identity Systems with staying power


A Brand Identity grows from a clear and differentiated brand essence, or big idea. To create a compelling brand, Seedhouse has a process that defines, differentiates and expresses your values, mission and essence. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your logo can and should work hard to tell a story and connect with your desired customer.

Own Your Brand Voice

We believe that it’s crucial to know who your consumers & competitors are—so you know what language to speak visually and how to stand out from the crowd. We combine visual authenticity to your company’s mission & values with strategic thinking to craft brandmarks that have staying power.

Bringing Multiple Industry Experience to Branding

We’ve worked with over a hundred brands over the years across all industries—from CPG and Food, to Beauty and Industrial Construction, to Luxury, Hospitality and Restaurant, and more. We know how to navigate and define up front strategy to back up design decisions, making flexible, strong brandmarks that stand proudly for your brand. 

Read more about our process for branding identity projects here.

Our Branding Design Services:

Brand Identity Design
Logo Design
Logo Refresh / Redesign
Parent / Sub Brand Design 
Brand Strategy
Brand Definition
Brand Collateral
Brand Guidelines

We’re Here to Help Your Brand Grow

After your branding project is finalized, we work with you to develop brand guidelines so you have guardrails for designing with your brandmark’s consistency in mind and the room and support to expand capabilities as you grow.

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