Solixir - An All Natural Functional Beverage

All-Natural Energy

Solixir – an all-natural functional line of beverages – needed to find a way to stand out at shelf – especially when competing against energy drinks.  We helped them identify the right balance of “natural” and “efficacy” – all while boosting appetite and shelf appeal.



Client: Solixir
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Logo DesignPackaging Design, Marcom Extension

Solixir Old and New Logos

Old to New

After conducting an audit and market research, we discovered that the old Solixir packaging was portraying “natural” in all the wrong ways.  The old package recessed on shelf because of the silver in the design.  The new brand symbol acts as a bull’s eye on shelf – drawing your eye right to Solixir.

Solixir Old and New Package
Solixir Full Packaging Line
Solixir Process


Design is an iterative process.  We present 6-8 initial designs.  After the first round of creative is presented, we gather the client feedback and further refine the selected designs.  After refinements, we then finalize the designs, attend press checks and extend the design to other marketing and communication expressions.

Solixir Press Check

Finalization & Extension

We extended the logo to many different applications, like the mobile medical units pictured to the right.  We also designed the business papers and the look of the website.

Brand Guidelines
Solixir Influencer Kit Rendering
Solixir Backpack Coolers
Solixir Street Team Wear
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