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Founded by two Naval Flight Officers in the Old Line State of Maryland, this Baltimore craft distillery needed an identity and package design that captured its proud mid-Atlantic roots & maritime history. To build the brand, Seedhouse collaborated with the inimitable Lawrence Neisler of Lawrence Wilburn to produce a brand & package design system that connotes ocean adventures and bold stories best told over drinks.


Client: Old Line Spirits
Delivered: Logo DesignPackaging Design, Portfolio/Line Extension


Bravo Zulu

Old Line is a window to adventure and revels in the tales told later. Those experiences worthy are often honored by a Naval term, Bravo Zulu, meaning “well done”.  Originally this was signaled via semaphore, so the phrase and flags grace Old Line Spirits packaging as a symbol of the brand’s larger goal: celebrating life’s greatest moments.


Wave Sketches
Bottle Selection
Old Line Spirits Whiskey Line-Up

Details Make the Brand

In good design all elements work together to telegraph a brand’s meaning.  With Old Line, we considered every detail; the wind-swept letterforms, custom wave illustration, bottle forms, label shape, metallic inks, copy, neck bands, and secondary graphic elements.  Together these work to create a unique brand enjoyed by experience seekers everywhere.

Old Line Whiskey Label Close-Up
Old Line Spirits Rum Line-Up
Old Line Rum Label Close-Up

Tactical Deployment

Early success led to portfolio expansion and the introduction of another naval favorite, Aged Caribbean Rums. Building on the rich symbology found in Baltimore, Seedhouse created an alternate brand symbol for the line, while maintaining the familiarity of the label shape. Together with the Whiskey, this brand is meant to literally stand above the rest. Kick the tires and light the fires!

Old Line Spirits Jet Takeoff
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