Long Table Pancakes

brand + Packaging design for a brand rooted in story

One brand, many stories—clarifying message and inciting trial through design. 

Long Table Pancakes started as a love letter to an acrobat. The founder needed to develop a pancake recipe that would be nutrient dense but lighter than air— not weighing down the acrobat he was trying to swoon. It worked! And then evolved into being a love letter to the environment, through using heirloom whole grains sourced directly from farmers, grown with regenerative agricultural practices. And by making great pancakes today for a better tomorrow, it became a love letter to future generations. 

Long Table recognized the need to share all of these stories, but knew that their current brand and packaging system was falling short. After being featured on Shark Tank, they came to us to help update and evolve their packaging.

Our goal was to craft a design that wrapped up all these stories in a more concise way—and to reflect the values behind the brand as it continues to grow forward. We created a whimsically illustrated package system that weaves in different icons and symbols from their story into each SKU environment. We flipped a category convention. Usually we see photography of a big stack of pancakes, but to better differentiate that these are next gen pancakes made from old gen grains, we crafted larger-than-life pancake illustrations to help to cue experience and flavor. We feature the core love story on the back to tie everything together. 


Client: Long Table Pancakes
Delivered: Concepting, CPG Packaging Redesign, Package Design System, Line Extension, Brand Identity Redesign, Brand Guidelines, Social Media Direction, Pitch Deck Design, Icon Design, Custom Illustration, Print Management.

Photography credit to Long Table.

Jackson's Logo
Jackson's Packaging Design - Before & After
Jackson's Core Line Packaging Design

A new brandmark with heart

The brand itself is so people-centered: from the origin story to the deep relationships they keep with their farmers, to the act itself of sharing pancakes for breakfast. The new logo reflects that warmth with hand drawn, close knit letterforms that pull themselves literally together to create Long Table.

Jackson's Seasoned Line Packaging Design
Jackson's Seasoned Line Packaging design
Jackson's Seasoned Line Packaging design
Jackson's Seasoned Line Packaging design
Jackson's Seasoned Line Packaging design