Specialty Print Communications

SPC Black Box Sales Kit

Challenging the Big Guys

As a challenger brand, SPC made a push to update their look and material to compete against the industry giants and help inspire their clients, national marketers, to make better direct mail.  As a single-source direct marketing resource and collaborator, SPC continually helps clients to produce powerful materials that inspire target audiences to act.  It’s the power of print, in-hand.


Client: SPC
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Marcom Extension, Marketing Strategy

Tools for the Trade

To educate customers on SPC’s growing spectrum of capabilities, we helped produce a BlackBox full of helpful brochures and resources; a complete sales kit that doubles as a super helpful reference tool.

Above: Individual Capability Brochures
Left: SPC Zip Code Map
Below: SPC Format Library

SPC Format Library

Helping to Visualize Process

We helped SPC visualize their process in order to optimize their business.

SPC Journey Map

Bob and Weave

As a challenger brand, SPC first made a push to update their look to inspire their clients to make better direct mail.  Now the brands they challenged are starting to look very familiar. As competitors continued to push closer to their brand, SPC agreed it was time to take some small steps to update their identity. These steps included updating the color palette and making some small changes to the logo.

Pro Niños Old and New Logos
SPC Truck
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