Recreo Silver Buttons

History meets high fashion in the mountains

Recreo is a luxury serape designer and maker located in the mountains of San Miguel, Mexico.  The brand marries the traditional garment with high-end European fabrics resulting in a unique and got-to-have product.  We helped them define, design and express their brand through the store architecture, signage and even the branded buttons that go on the garments.


Client: Recreo
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Marcom Extension

Recreo Logo Design


To understand where the organization was at the start of the project, we did a market audit – looking for visual trends to either avoid or borrow from other international luxury fashion brands.  We also steeped ourselves in the local culture to make sure that the brand was authentic to place.

Recreo Immersion in History & Local Fashion
Recreo Facade Designs


Design is an iterative process.  After the first round of creative is presented, we gather the client feedback and further refine the selected designs.  Because the logo was going to be first premiered as signage, we presented the creative in the context of the retail facade.

Recreo Logo in Iron


We extended the logo to many different applications, like the business cards to the right.  We also designed the signage and the look of the website.

Recreo Cards
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