Railhead Package Design

Engineering Solutions

Railhead is an enterprising company full of engineers and tinkerers.  They find a complex problem to solve in the rail industry and go to work.  Their brand needed to capture that attitude.  We consulted on the brand portfolio strategy and designed a brand identity that was expressed through their logo, package design system and other brand executions.



Client: Railhead Corp
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Marcom Extension

Railhead Old and New Logos

Portfolio Strategy

The brand portfolio needed to be focused so that the marketing effort could be effective in building one or two brands rather than fractured across eight. We updated the subbrand logos to reflect the design changes we made to the corporate logo.

Right: Old Product Brands
Below: New Product Brands

Railhead Old Brand Portfolio
Railhead Gear, Systems and K&E Tools Logos


Identity in Design

We took this engineering idea into the package design by using a seal or signature of approval in the background of the package design.  The orange and black band acts like a train track around the package and neatly holds all pertinent product information.


Railhead Product Illustrations
Railhead Packaging Guidelines Sample Page

Packaging & Illustrations

We extended the package design to a representative number of designs and build a brand guidelines book to set the rules for future packages in the line.   We also included specifications on product illustration and icons.

Railhead Product Illustrations
Railhead Icon System

Icons & Details

The design process continues until we drill down into the most minute details.  Our goal is for any designer to be able to pick up a brand guide and know exactly what to build – no questions asked.

Railhead Tain
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