Monticello Packaging

Historical Background

The historic landmark, Monticello, has an elegant gift shop that sells local products and gifts – reminders of the beautiful home and grounds of Thomas Jefferson. Monticello hired Seedhouse to develop a package design system that could be applied across the thousand of products in their online and on-site shop.



Client: Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
Delivered: Private Label Packaging Design

Monticello Old and New Packaging


To understand how the customers were shopping and what the line was all about, we spent time in the Monticello Shop and online.  We also took the opportunity to spend time in and around Monticello, soaking up the sights and amazing history.

Monticello Shop Audit
Monticello Illustration

All About Place

We realized that what people are buying are the place and genius of Thomas Jefferson.  They want to take home a bit of the heritage and history that they experienced.  Meredith illustrated the house and we incorporated the illustration into the design to showcase place with an elegance and simplicity.


Design System

We created a rigorous design system so that the Monticello team could extend the design across the over 1500 products.  The system had to have enough variability to account for many different product and structure types.  And yet, the system had to be structured such that the designs hold together as a line.  A palette of background colors and various containment shapes help create this structured variability.

Monticello Brand Guidelines Sample Page
Monticello Label System
Monticello Background Colors
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