Lucy's Packaging

Gluten-Free Goodness

As the early pioneer in the gluten-free category, the Lucy’s brand has earned the trust and loyalty of consumers with dietary restrictions. Not only are Lucy’s products gluten-free, they are also certified vegan and free of peanuts and tree nuts. The brand celebrates the traditional goodness of cookies and other baked treats, made with the best ingredients, as tasty snacks for the whole family. While the Lucy’s brand initially led the way in the growing category, its products and shelf presence had been overshadowed in a now-crowded retail space.



Client: Lucy’s
Delivered: Logo DesignPackaging Design System, Food Photography


Lucy's Old vs. New Logo

Structural Change

The move to a resealable bag resulted in larger face panels and greater shelf presence, more effectively showcasing both the products and the Lucy’s brand in cluttered store aisles.

Lucy's Shelf Shot
Lucy's Superfruit Chocolate Chunk Cookie

In-House Photography

Our team created simple, evocative photography to boost appetite appeal and better showcase the quality products.


System and Extension

We designed a full packaging design system for easy implementation and product line extension. We also designed a system for Lucy’s Holiday offerings.


Lucy's Packaging Design System
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