Ingenuity Office

Taking Credit for their Incredible Work

Ingenuity has a complicated brand offering and wasn’t taking credit for the incredible work they were accomplishing in Arts Education in Chicago.  We better defined the brand and crafted a brand identity that positioned them among national consultants.


Client: Ingenuity
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Business Papers, Icon Library, Brand Standards

New Ingenuity Logo



The project started with participating in a strategic planning session with key partners.  Those learnings coupled with our market audit and immersion, we put together a strategy to move Ingenuity from a brand presentation that looked like a local arts education provider to a national consultancy.


Ingenuity Strategy Map
Ingenuity Symbol

Symbols within the symbol

The organization has three areas of focus – strategy, data and advocacy. Those three departments are represented by the icons that make up the “g” in the wordmark.

Brand Standards
Ingenuity Brand Guidelines


The individual symbols that made up the “g” provided a great opportunity in the design of the letterhead, notecards and business cards.  Each department has their own part of the symbol on their notecards.  We also developed an icon library for use in their reports and marketing materials.

Ingenuity Business Papers
Icon Library
Ingenuity Icon Library
Ingenuity Website


Partnered on new site

We partnered with Orbit Media Studio to ensure that the brand came to life in an appropriate and compelling website.


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