HealthSmart Package Design

Design for the Ages

With the aging “Baby Boomer” generation grows the market for medical aids. However, no one likes to feel old or disabled, reminded that they are in need of medical devices and constant care. The healthsmart™ brand is all about providing accessible, stylish medical aids for all life stages.  Its about improving the quality of life rather than treating a problem.



Client: Briggs
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Packaging Design

Market Audit



Color is the strongest brand signifier and differentiation is important to creating a meaningful and successful brand. By conducting an in-depth market audit of 12 different categories, we identified the colors that no other brand had claimed.  We then crafted a color palette for the healthsmart brand that captured those strong and ownable colors.


HealthSmart Strategy
HealthSmart Strategy
Packaging Line-Up
Packaging Standards


After testing the design system with consumers we made additional adjustments and finalized a full packaging design system, from main panel graphics down to the smallest icons.  We documented all of the rules in a Brand Style Guide so that the client could extend the system to the thousands of products they offer.


In Stores
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