Gold's Packaging Line Up

A Brooklyn Original

The Gold’s lineup of horseradishes and mustards has been a staple in New York Delis since the first fresh-grated batches hit the market in 1932. These Kosher and Kosher for Passover sauces continue to pack a punch, but their package designs hadn’t weathered the years quite as well. Decades of product line extensions had led to a fractured and inconsistent design system. Our team embarked on in-depth research of Gold’s history, drawing on its heritage for ways to elevate the packaging system tastefully and authentically.



Client: Gold’s Pure Foods, Inc.
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Refresh, Illustrations, Package Design




During our Audit and Immersion phases, the Seedhouse team dug into the Gold’s archives to find original labels, art, and a plethora of inspiration. We quickly understood that the iconic shield was a key ingredient in Gold’s 80+ year visual history, and a piece of design worth revitalizing.

Gold's Packaging Timeline
Gold's Historic Pictures
Gold's Famous Horseradish
Gold's Illustrations
Gold's Old and New Packaging
Color Coding System

Design Finalization

We created a rigorous design system and implemented it across 100+ SKUs. The system included alternate treatments for unique product lines like mustards and cocktail sauce. Our team considered each aspect of the system − from PMS colors, to flavor palettes, to typography and icon designs − every detail was carefully documented to ensure the system could be extended consistently and easily for years to come.

Partnered on New Site

After launching the package redesign, our team ensured that the refreshed brand personality would come through in digital deployment. We collaborated with our partners at Orbit Media Studio on a compelling, brand-approporate website.

Gold's Website
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