Bright Society

Bright Society Logo Design

The Smart Jewelry Source

Bright Society’s progressive business strategy spun out of a desire to disrupt the traditional jewelry industry model. By directly working with a global buying network, the company smartly sources and sells previously-loved luxuries straight to consumers. Their mission needed a face and an ethos — brand strategy, a strong name, and fresh visualization to convey their innovative ideas and consumer benefits.



Client: Bright Society
Delivered: Brand Identity, NamingLogo Design

Strategy & Naming

We defined the brand essence and then mined that meaning for evaluative criteria that led directly into name generation. Our short-listed name options were subjected to rigorous vetting and consumer testing. Bright Society, the chosen name, evokes belonging and intelligent glamour, innovation and the allure of beautiful luxury.

Mood Board Inspiration
Bright Society Logo Exploration
Bright Society Logo Concept

A Shining Symbol

The final symbol represents renewal while also referencing the precision and geometry of fine watches and luminous stones. Our design exploration of this pivotal symbol yielded a mark with an evocative complexity that was right for the brand.

Design Finalization

We crafted comprehensive Brand Standards with guidelines about logo usage, brand voice, color palettes, photo art direction, typography, and specific web-focused parameters for a brand that primarily lives online.

Brand Standards
Bright Society Brand Color Palette

Seedhouse was given a challenging brief – to devise a new brand including naming, positioning and design to span multiple age segments whilst remaining gender neutral. The final results are something we are really pleased with and will provide us with a strong platform for our new business.

Matthew Howe

Vice President of Marketing & E-Commerce

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