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Buying windows is overwhelming. Beechworth Windows wants to make it simpler. In an industry awash with options, Beechworth stands out because it manufactures windows using a superior ingredient, fiberglass. The material itself is at the heart of the company’s strength and uniqueness.


Client: Beechworth Windows
Delivered: Brand Strategy, Brochure Design, Copywriting, Photo Directing

Seedhouse worked together with the Beechworth team to refine the company’s brand strategy, crafting its story into a framework that could be useful both for internal and external marketing efforts. We also helped to rebuild Beechworth’s value proposition and brand voice, better fleshing out its outward-facing communications strategy. What resulted was a simple, modern, updated presentation of the brand, an attractive, easy-to-navigate, and informative 32-page catalog for contractor partners and prospective customers alike.

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Digging In

We start all projects by learning. To help better understand the buying process (and frustrations) we did blind contractor sales calls, immersed ourselves in competitive offerings, toured R&D facilities, attended sales training sessions & demos. This helped better understand the offering, messaging, decision hurdles, and key touch-points to help aid the overall selling effort (for contractors) and buying process (for consumers). A key insight from our immersion: strength in simplicity.

CNI Old vs. New Logo

Bringing it to life

Our team simplified and streamlined communications to help guide customers without overeducating them. We focused on the overlooked opportunity Beechworth had to inspire the homeowner, crafting several visions of how their home could look with new windows. All of this was packaged into a gorgeous, informative and portable sales tool for the company’s network of independent contractors.

CNI Old vs. New Logo
CNI Old vs. New Logo
CNI Old vs. New Logo

The details make it

Strict grids and copious white space helped organize information while providing a much-needed visual breath of fresh air to anxious window customers. Seedhouse took an editorial approach, crafting all copy and illustrating new infographics to simplify and convey complex information in a casual, helpful tone.

And to help Beechworth’s contractor-partners, we re-designed the Beechworth Contractor Network logo to better reflect the quality of work that they do in installation.

CNI Old vs. New Logo

We curated the best of Beechworth’s existing assets and worked to develop new ones with a dedicated team of artists at PIX-US, who create computer-generated images from scratch. From floor plan, window placement, finishes and furniture, we art directed throughout the process to ensure that our vision of Beechworth was both aspirational and realistic.

CNI Old vs. New Logo

“We’ve had overwhelming response from the market that the brochure is awesome. I’ve even had some tell me it’s the best one they’ve ever seen. You guys really nailed it!”

Julie Lehto

Marketing Manager, Beechworth Windows

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