Designing a New Vessel

This business to business e-publishing offering from IPG needed a brand identity and logo design that both spoke to the large book distributers as well as the independent.  The name refers to the ancient greek containers used to ship goods around the Mediterranean. Referencing the key pattern from architecture and art of ancient Greece, we made an “at sign” to signify the web-based nature of the business. The lower case font is tech-friendly and approachable. The terra-cotta and deep blue colors are own-able and differentiating in the category.


Client: IPG
Delivered: Branding Strategy, Logo Design

Market Audit

We immersed ourselves in the competitive set looking for a visual language and color patterns.  During this research we discovered that there were three different “looks” that developed according to the category of competitor. Identifying those patterns allowed us to appropriately position Amphora in the competitive set.

Brand Standards
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