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At the beginning of every branding project, we do a deep dive into client documents and research.  We also go out into the market and take a look at the competitive landscape.  We are looking for visual patterns – where the space is crowded and where lies the opportunity.

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Brand Pyramid

Brand Identity

Using a pyramid brand model, we craft a brand identity that strives to crystalize the message in one big idea – a big idea that is in-line with the business objectives and positioned properly relative to the competitive set.  Read about finding the big idea or Brand Identity for StratusVue.

Brand Story

The next step is to walk towards the right sides of our brains.  We do that by writing a story that evokes the brand’s Big Idea.  While this is not intended to be a customer-facing document, a tag line or positioning statement often come out of this story.

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Should your brand require a new brand name, we identify the language trends in the category and attempt to narrow down the world of possibilities.  By mapping the competitions’ names, we can see where the opportunity lies.  We focus the creative generation and deliver a short list of recommendations that pass a preliminary own-ability test. Read more about naming.

Mood Boards

We use mood boards to help us define and narrow our search for the appropriate and possible design expressions of the Brand Identity.

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Creative Exploration

The visualization process is an iterative one.  We explore a range of concepts based on the mood boards. Typically, the client picks one or two to move forward to refinements.  One or two refinement rounds later, we have a logo!


Once we have selected a new brand logo, we finalize the files and write a Brand Standards Guide to help shepherd the brand responsibly in the future.  The final deliverable is the Brand Standards as well as the final art in many useful file formats. Read more about Brand Identity & Logo Design.

*Our process follows a similar path for Package Design projects.

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