In Search Of: A Design Unicorn (We’re Hiring)

Have you worked in identity design and CPG design for 4-6yrs as a solid, all-around team player? Can you concept and design like a wild person and understand the mechanics of design production? Can you articulate ideas clearly (verbally & in written form)? Are you comfortable talking to clients while also being cozy inside a spreadsheet? We are looking for a unique person who is wildly creative, wonderfully organized and willing to roll-up their sleeves to get shit done. If this is you, we encourage to you share your story via a compelling resume & portfolio.

We are a high-functioning, hyper collaborative design team tightly focused on identity design and CPG design, but do allow ourselves to stray into marketing communications (for the right clients). We wear many hats here and 99% of our work is generated here in our studio (no freelancers or sub-contractors). Most of our work involves helping industry challengers and heritage brands grow, with design.

If you’re comfortable thinking conceptually, building on the ideas and feedback of other team members, pushing aside your own personal preferences, helping lead design efforts, managing the nitty-gritty of projects, and meet the prerequisites below, we invite you to send a resume and link to your portfolio. (No phone calls, please.)

If you’re a fit with our team, we’ll learn from each other, grow together, have fun and continue to impress the heck out of clients.

Prerequisites: 4-6 yrs in CPG and/or identity design, ability to sketch, a solid understanding of print production, Adobe Creative Suite fluency (specifically AI, PS, & ID), organized, have empathy, flexible working style, healthy knowledge of design trends, touch of cleverness, a very strong work ethic and already live in the Chicagoland area (no relo). And because we pride ourselves on a very low attrition rate, this position is contract to full-time for the first 3mos, as we want to ensure proper fit.

Interested?  Give us a holler and shoot your resume over to so we can set up a time to meet.

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